Velocity Clearing recently attended the FIA Expo and sat down with Gate 39 Media to discuss the multi-dimensional growth of the firm over the last few years. Steven Silver, Chief Marketing Officer for Velocity Clearing, offered insight into how the firm has grown its services and financial and human capital to become a full-service broker/ dealer with a staff of over 250 specialized personnel including affiliated entities.

A Full-Service Institutional Brokerage Firm 
What started as a securities lending firm has grown its services and human capital to include over 250 expert employees to become a full-service, self-clearing institutional broker/dealer. 

Order Routing; High-Touch Low-Touch Service 
Velocity Clearing offers both a high-touch and a low-touch service. Having our own pipes and established relationships with third parties gets order flow where it needs to be.  

Clearing in Canada 
Through an affiliated entity, Velocity is several months into IIROC membership and having full clearing capabilities in the Canadian market.  

Fixed Income and Futures 
Velocity Clearing is finishing a Change Member Application with FINRA to offer fixed-income securities and mutual funds and is also registered as an Introducing Broker on the National Futures Association side to offer futures and options on futures.  

A Solution-Oriented Firm 
One of the biggest differentiators between Velocity and other firms is their passion for solving problems for their clients.  

Velocity has spent great resources and time bringing in the right people at a senior level and middle level and also training people at entry-level positions to support our clients.

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