Trading Technology

Progress is rooted in innovation and Velocity Clearing’s proprietary trading technology tools and infrastructure, combined with leading partners, form an agile environment for customers to grow, scale and succeed.


Consulting and General Support

With over 125 professionals in our affiliated entity, VCT Technologies (which serves as Velocity's technology division), we have the experience and expertise to help guide our clients to set-up properly and operate efficiently.  We then provide ongoing support on a 24/6 basis to our clients around the world.


Our cloud-based systems and API integrations enhance connectivity enabling seamless order execution, clearing, and trade monitoring across accounts.

OMS Order Management Systems

Whether you access markets using Velocity’s proprietary trading platform, VTrader, or choose your favorite OMS from our list of solutions partners, our mission is to empower our clients with a range of tools to help them manage their orders, monitor status, and manage risk.


VTrader is Velocity Clearing's multi-asset, low latency solution. Trade across exchanges and asset classes with our proprietary platform, built on as the front-end to our in-house OMS, called Vhub.  VTrader is available in desktop and Web-based formats, with a mobile version available soon.

BlackBox Algos

Whether you’re looking for ready-to-use algos, interested in a click-and-build algo from an OMS, or would like to host your custom developed algo—Velocity provides turnkey or customized options for algo trading.

FIX Connectivity

Financial Information Exchange (FIX) is a vendor-neutral, standardized and connection-session-based electronic communications protocol for real-time information exchange for financial securities transactions.  Velocity offers the opportunity for our clients to connect to our in-house system, VHub.  Whether you use a third-party vendor for your orders or developed a proprietary algorithm, you can easily connect to VHub to seamlessly route your orders for execution.

Our Solutions Partners

In addition to our in-house offering, Velocity Clearing believes in offering our clients best of breed choices when it comes to how they wish to enter orders.


In an industry where timing is everything, buy, sell, transmit and execute orders quickly through our range of order routing options, including our proprietary VHub order management system.

Sponsored Market Access 

Access exchanges and execute large trade volumes with low latency. Set pre-trade risk management parameters at the platform level or through our in-house routing system, VHub.

VHub Order Routing

Access liquidity centers for U.S. equities and equity options. Whether sponsored market access, dark pools, smart order routers for core session and extended hours trading, VHub can seamlessly route your orders to the appropriate destinations for execution.

Third-Party Routing

To best serve our clients with the optimal range of routing options, we’ve developed relationships with multiple third-party routing vendors to offer the best in market availability. Take advantage of various algos, dark pools, mid point and other routing options.

Fix Connectivity

Leverage FIX’s regulatory-compliant, global market communications to create secure pathways for straight-through processing (STP).


Velocity Clearing offers a suite of available APIs to connect to including order routing/execution, cash movement, stock locate and account opening. 

Account Opening API

Fully-Disclosed correspondents can connect via FIX or white label a solution from Velocity Clearing to allow clients to seamlessly open accounts online.

Cash Movement API

Automate the process of transferring funds. Verify account status, balances, and ownership. Initiate transfers and track status.

Stock Locate API

Take advantage of Velocity's prowess in the locate space by integrating with our stock locate system to quickly check inventory electronically for any locate required securities.


Velocity’s proprietary trading platform, VTrader, our in-house system VHub and our suite of APIs , combined with our best-in-class trading solutions partners, offer a robust spectrum of end-to-end trading tools to command the entire trading cycle.

Performance Reporting 

Analyze your firm’s trading performance with customized reporting, data, and analytics using Nirvana Solutions seamless integration for front, middle, and back-office workflows.

Risk Management

Manage portfolios with real-time risk control instruments like stop-losses, warnings on risk limits, real-time info, Horizon Risk, Value at Risk (VaR), and historic Profit/Loss (P/L) reporting for global equities, futures, and options.

Portfolio Management

Track investment progress regularly to ensure portfolios match investor expectations, timeline, and risk tolerance.


PropReports is a Web-based back office application designed to fully support the operations of trading firms and individual clients. Get trading activity, position, profit/loss, balance and payout information instantly, simply, and securely. Any aspect of the software can be customized to meet your exact needs.

VFlux Corporate Action System

VFlux is Velocity's in-house corporate action system.  Efficiently and effectively manage all pending corporate actions. Set-up proactive reminders and take control of corporate action reconciliation to avoid costly errors that plague customers at other clearing firms.

White-Labeled Back Office 

Velocity Clearing uses InteliClear as our back-office service bureau. InteliClear’s Post Trade Solutions (PTS) provides real-time, turn-key customized software for front, middle and back office operations within a single, fully integrated system. PTS, which supports equities, options, fixed income and mutual funds, including money market products.*

*Velocity Clearing will soon support fixed income and mutual funds including money markets.


OMS / Trading Platforms

Access markets using Velocity’s proprietary trading platform, VTrader, or choose your favorite provider from our list of solutions partners.

  • VTrader – developed by Velocity Clearing
  • Takion
  • Sterling Trader
  • DAS Trader
  • Bloomberg EMSX
  • Rival Systems
  • REDI EMS | Refinitiv
  • Silexx
  • RealTick
  • Flex Trade

Our proprietary stock locate system, high-tech clearing, execution platforms, and competitive securities lending services create the ideal environments for our clients.

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