Brokerage Service

We offer a comprehensive set of services for new, growing, experienced asset managers & other Prime Brokerage customers. Our multi-custodial experience features cutting-edge technology, solutions, and attentive support atypical of mini primes.

Clearing and Custody

Multi-platform, multi-asset global clearing and custody through Velocity Clearing LLC, and introduced into Goldman Sachs & Co. and Pershing, LLC.

Financing Options

Leverage positions with Reg-T or Portfolio Margin.*

Trading on margin entails significant risk and is not suitable for all investors*

Risk Management

Proprietary risk management tools to optimize financing opportunities.

Portfolio Reporting

Client custodial and portfolio reporting and analytics. 

Middle and Back-Office

Dedicated support team for middle and back-office functions.

Order Management

Fully integrated OMS/EMS solutions compatible with many industry-leading platforms.

Trading Desk

One-touch agency desk offering high-touch and low-touch service.

Risk Management

Velocity provides real-time transparency managing risks inherent with a customer’s portfolio, including calculating margin, which we believe is an essential requirement for today's traders. Velocity has invested heavily in technology to provide real-time risk and margin analytics, which provides a competitive edge over firms still working with yesterday’s batch-reporting data.

Broker/dealers, hedge fund managers, proprietary traders and institutions can rely on a fully integrated, automated and simplified way to manage pre-trade and post-trade risk:

  • 3-Factor Worst Case Risk Analysis
  • Real-Time VaR Calculations
  • Real-Time Portfolio Margin Calculations
  • Customizable Profit & Loss Risk Plots
  • Trade Simulations for P&L Sensitivity

Hedge fund managers, proprietary traders and other institutions can rely on a fully integrated, automated, and simplified way to manage pre-trade and post-trade risk.

James Delaney

Chief Risk Officer of Velocity Clearing, LLC

Our proprietary stock locate system, high-tech clearing, execution platforms, and competitive securities lending services create the ideal environments for our clients.

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