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High-Performance Trading Products, Securities Lending, and White Glove Client Services Across Asset Classes

Designed to Provide Everything You Need Under One Roof

Velocity’s team of over 250+ specialists provide clearing, execution, lending, and financing services and the requisite high-tech tools for professional traders. So, you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.

Risk Management

Velocity provides real-time transparency managing risks inherent with a customer’s portfolio, including calculating margin, which we believe is an essential requirement for today's traders. Velocity has invested heavily in technology to provide real-time risk and margin analytics, which provides a competitive edge over firms still working with yesterday’s batch-reporting data.

Broker/dealers, hedge fund managers, proprietary traders and institutions can rely on a fully integrated, automated and simplified way to manage pre-trade and post-trade risk:

  • 3-Factor Worst Case Risk Analysis
  • Real-Time VaR Calculations
  • Real-Time Portfolio Margin Calculations
  • Customizable Profit & Loss Risk Plots
  • Trade Simulations for P&L Sensitivity
We combine high-touch service and accessibility with our experience and technology infrastructure to ensure transactions run smoothly, regardless of the size of your account. With access to our entire team, you can communicate with us directly to get the information you need in real time.

Velocity's growth trajectory and adoption by active market participants is a reflection of years of hard work and a focus on client needs.

Brian Schaeffer

President of Velocity Clearing, LLC

Our proprietary stock locate system, high-tech clearing, execution platforms, and competitive securities lending services create the ideal environments for our clients.

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