Ravi Jain


Ravi has over 35 years of experience in options trading, risk management, and technology development. Early in his career he was global head of options trading at Republic National Bank and has been in risk management at HSBC and BNY Mellon. He was a fintech entrepreneur having cofounded IVolatility.com and a trading/risk system company, founded an options market-making firm in India and helped run an FX HFT firm. More recently he was CRO of Lightspeed Financial and Chief Product Officer at Sterling Trading Tech where he architected the Sterling Risk system used by several clearing firms including Velocity. He has a B.Tech in EE from IIT, Delhi, a M.S. in OR from Baruch, and a graduate certificate in Philosophy from Harvard.

Ravi has the following industry licenses: Series 4, 7 & 24.